Monday, February 4, 2019

Top Five Things The Consumers Should Know While Making Food-Related Shopping Decisions

Online Shopping has increased in the last two years in the US and worldwide too. People have even started shopping from apps that they have on their mobiles. These days, taking your diet food a step closer to you is the mobile app BcLapp. There are scores of people who take time to choose and buy foods. This is a good thing to do and almost every consumer wishes to know these five things while selecting any food.

·       Brand: Suppose, you have been consuming a food product for long, you will only trust a brand. This trust will be more when you have seen rapid improvement about how the ingredient from that brand works. BcLapp allows you to pick and search from a specific brand.
·       Shop by nutrient value: Health-conscious consumers will try to get information regarding the calorie and fat content present in the product they buy. There are several products having all these details that you can even get from BcLapp by scanning the product’s QR Code.
·       Non-allergic or restricted foods: People base their food shopping choices on the allergens present in a food product. Likewise, if they simply choose to eat gluten-free foods, or go for vegan foods, they can select while shopping from BcLapp.
·       Shop as per requirement: Shoppers often shop items that they feel are necessary for a food dish. If you use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, simply dictate it and add to your existing list or type the item in BcLapp, which you need for a special dish.
·       Shop based on prices and discounts: From BcLapp, you can even buy foods based on the budget. The app offers insight into the discounts, warranties, and coupons that you can use in your future purchases too. You can even share or store and use these coupons. The app will give you alerts regarding the expiry date of the products as well as coupons to make use of these offers and have a value for the money shopping experience.
Those eager to diet or get into a fitness regimen can shop right from the app. This is the basic aspect to make the app very popular among the fitness and health-conscious people.

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