Thursday, February 7, 2019

Keeping Tabs on Calorie Intake Becomes Just So Easy with BcLapp

This time of the year, people feel that they need to lose weight they have gained in the holidays. Thanks to the prolonged season of festivity, people indulge in pastries and cakes, wine and rich food putting on anything around 6 to 8 pounds on average! When they work out, they first check their weight and eat with care. We all know that all the foods have their nutritional value and while a little of everything is fine, we should be aware of eating them in the required quantities. So, we all should eat only the right amount of calories and fats. However, to take care of all these daily is also difficult in a busy schedule. Thus, BcLapp, a smart app, comes in help for the weight-watching conscious eaters. You can now know the exact calorie count that goes in your meal. 

How Does BcLapp Direct Your Eating Choices?
It becomes necessary to keep a track of the food you eat. You may be too busy to make a meal every day. You may rather prefer grabbing a bite of a burger or some junk food. Now that you are serious about losing weight, let BcLapp take your journey forward.
The app is easy to handle and all you need to do is go to the search bar and type the food product you wish to consume. It will give you options to search the product or its recipe. Further, on selecting the option of “Search Product,” you can also search based on calories and the protein you have set as your limit for the day. The app will then drop down the list of dishes you can prepare. This will surely take care of your calorie requirement. 

Keeping A Track Of Calories You Buy
Do you think that though you may be cautious about the calories in food that you eat, you may not be so sure about the products you buy? With BcLapp, you can track that too and this is what makes every bite of yours healthy. The app will also alert you if the manufacturer of that product has announced a product recall.
A good way to live life is to eat healthy food and in the right quantity. It is time for you to not assume the calories you have every day. Just be sure of it while using BcLapp and eat your way to good health.

Personalized Shopping Management

BcLapp is a one stop solution for personal shopping management from product and recipe selection to utilization. The app informs about best practices for food storage and also notifies about product recalls based on uploaded receipts and added products. It will help in preparing shopping list, identifying healthy products and recipes, accessing (storing, sharing and tracking) information about all bought products that needs to be tracked. Search and easily access loyalty cards, warranties, store coupons and gift cards information. Add to this utility, the fun of smart photo identification and convenience of printing them at nearby Walgreens or a cloud enabled printer.

Stay Healthy

Make informed choices for products and recipes by searching based on ingredients, nutrients and allergies.

Store, Share and Get Notified

Store and share lists, loyalty cards, receipts, warranties, coupons, gift cards and get notifications before expiry date.

Smart Photo Prints

Automatically identify best photo with human faces for print and print them to nearby Walgreens* or a cloud based printer.

Recalls* and Food Storage

Find out about best practices for food storage and get notified about product recalls when tracked individually by users through the app.

Scan labels

Scan many kinds of labels, barcodes including SmartLabel, Digimarc Barcode for thermal labels, digital images, and audio. Digimarc technology is used under license from Digimarc Corporation.

Smart Speakers

Use Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant to interact with the app.

* US Only

Monday, February 4, 2019

Top Five Things The Consumers Should Know While Making Food-Related Shopping Decisions

Online Shopping has increased in the last two years in the US and worldwide too. People have even started shopping from apps that they have on their mobiles. These days, taking your diet food a step closer to you is the mobile app BcLapp. There are scores of people who take time to choose and buy foods. This is a good thing to do and almost every consumer wishes to know these five things while selecting any food.

·       Brand: Suppose, you have been consuming a food product for long, you will only trust a brand. This trust will be more when you have seen rapid improvement about how the ingredient from that brand works. BcLapp allows you to pick and search from a specific brand.
·       Shop by nutrient value: Health-conscious consumers will try to get information regarding the calorie and fat content present in the product they buy. There are several products having all these details that you can even get from BcLapp by scanning the product’s QR Code.
·       Non-allergic or restricted foods: People base their food shopping choices on the allergens present in a food product. Likewise, if they simply choose to eat gluten-free foods, or go for vegan foods, they can select while shopping from BcLapp.
·       Shop as per requirement: Shoppers often shop items that they feel are necessary for a food dish. If you use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, simply dictate it and add to your existing list or type the item in BcLapp, which you need for a special dish.
·       Shop based on prices and discounts: From BcLapp, you can even buy foods based on the budget. The app offers insight into the discounts, warranties, and coupons that you can use in your future purchases too. You can even share or store and use these coupons. The app will give you alerts regarding the expiry date of the products as well as coupons to make use of these offers and have a value for the money shopping experience.
Those eager to diet or get into a fitness regimen can shop right from the app. This is the basic aspect to make the app very popular among the fitness and health-conscious people.

Modern Food Packaging Informing the Food Products’ Freshness

If you have noticed, the packaging design of most of the food and health products is changing with every passing day. You get to see the packaging of products even when you shop for them from the online apps like BcLapp. A few healthy food products have all the information on e-labels and even the ingredients in them. Besides, these packaging also involves the use of freshness indicators.
It is undeniable that the consumers are warier now, and they care about what they eat. They are also cautious to check the nutrient needed in the diet. Moreover, the manufacturers of these wheat products, granola, quinoa, brown rice, processed and frozen foods have risen to the situation and taken care of the packaging. This is why BcLapp gives the buyers an option to check and then go ahead with the buying. 

BcLapp and Packaging Indicating the Level of Freshness
Modern and intelligent packaging is trending, and it contains information pertaining to safety and longevity of foods. The packaging displays the freshness of the product in various stages. It also displays how you can recycle the package, and how it is biodegradable and non-toxic.
BcLapp has a QR Code scanner allowing you to scan the food product and display its information. You will get to learn about the methods of freezing and storing it away. The app will also give you alerts of the product’s expiry date. Thanks to shopping from the app, you need not worry about how to store the food.

Why is Intelligent Packaging a Big Deal?
When you buy frozen foods like bacon or sausages, there is a mention of the date of their packaging. Each frozen food has its shelf life, and people should not ignore this while buying. The packaging will also elaborate the thing you should do after you open the seal. In some cases, you get a warning of not storing it back in the freezer after it gets thawed. Still, people ignore it and continue storing and consuming it. It can cause health conditions and today, scores of wary consumers are taking no chances. They can, therefore, rely on these alerts from BcLapp and consumes or dispose of the product. The intelligent packaging is a great technology that many brands are slowly adapting for giving perfectly safe foods.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How Voice Search In BcLapp Helps To Search Healthy Products Or Recipes?

People are inclined towards using health-related mobile apps to find nutritional products and recipes. Even a survey states that more than 58.23% of users have downloaded health-based apps with nutrition and fitness is the most common categories. It is necessary to find the mobile app that is easier and supports the modern search systems like voice search.
BcLapp is one such emerging app that is already getting popular among the users. It not only supports the voice search for products but can even search for favorite healthy recipes. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Use Voice Search to Start Easier Searching
The expert study states that Voice Search is expected to fetch over 50% of the global market. This means millions of people are already using this seamless technology. Now, let us see how it works in BcLapp for the users:
·        Search Products using Voice Search: While using BcLapp in a mobile device, users will see a voice search option in the interface. Click on the voice search option and speak to find the product you require. Like, if users want to find about the fruit “mango,” just speak and get results relative to packed healthy mango slices or juices.
·        Search Recipes with Voice Search: Click on the voice search option to find out any healthy recipe. Like, if a user want to find the recipe for “How to prepare healthy salads or soups.” Choose recipes in the search. Users can even advance the search if they want specific kind of soup or salad as a vegetable salad, fruit salad, broccoli soup, etc.
·        Use Advanced Search of Products: Users can even make advanced search for the healthy products. Like, if they want a product “orange juice,” it will appear in the voice search bar. After that, the list of healthy orange juices appears, which can be refined further using an advanced filter of allergies or nutrient value preferred in the “orange juice.”
·        Advanced Search for Recipes: Click on Voice Search, speak the recipe required. Like, if you want to prepare “vegetable soup,” the list of healthy soup recipes will appear. The users can use an advanced filter of the ingredients, nutrient value, cuisine like Thai, British, etc., diet filter as a vegan, paleo, etc., or the type filter like soup in this case.

To conclude, BcLapp is helping the users to prepare nutritious recipes or choose products for including it in their healthy lifestyle.

What if item list can be created in the app everytime someone remembers an item to buy by talking to smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Manage the Things-To-Buy List like a Pro using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with BcLapp.
There is no limit to how much we can use our smartphones throughout our life. Around 39 million Americans are using smart speakers as per the report. With technology to help us, through Voice commands like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, we are managing just fine. We are already aware that Alexa and Google Assistant work in pairing with any device and can help in coordinating much of your schedules.
BcLapp, a unique app works on smartphones and allows the shoppers to create lists, assign lists to labels and search for food storage tips just by voice commands. With these Voice assistants and BcLapp, you can do a lot more than just search. Let us see how these two can help us be healthy and achieve our fitness goals. 

Steps to Use Voice Search in BcLapp
·    Open the app and click on the search bar where users can either type or simply click on the microphone to dictate the item to the Google assistant. It can provide an immediate list of the product or ingredients.
·        Likewise, later when users want to add one more item to your existing list, they can do the same by clicking on ‘List’ option. Here, you can just click on ‘Search or Add Item’ and click on the microphone.
·        Users can even dictate the same to Alexa or Google Assistant from anywhere and it will directly add the same to their list and can even assign them to certain labels. This creativity only makes BcLapp more helpful to those who are sincerely trying to stay fit and eat healthily. With this pairing of the assistants, users can ensure not to miss any ingredient or food product.  

Amazing Voice Command Feature of BcLapp
You will fall in love with this feature because it eases shopping by a great margin. The app developers have taken shopping to a whole new dimension. They are moving ahead with the pace that the world is on and that is why modern shoppers are already using it by great numbers.
Furthermore, those people who tend to forget and are generally impulsive shopping via Alexa or Google Assistants can rely on this feature. They simply can add this to the existing list by telling Alexa to add it to BcLapp and just relax.
It is ideal for the people who are among those 40% doing voice searches and cannot imagine a day without Alexa or Google Assistant. For them, the reminders are everything and this is where BcLapp’s feature is useful.