Sunday, January 13, 2019

How Advanced Scanning of Codes & Labels with BcLapp’s Digimarc Scanner Helps Reach Fitness Goals?

When the New Year dawns, people pledge to go healthy and have resolutions. Approximately, 45% of Americans hope to remain fit in 2019 as per their New Year resolution data. Many begin dieting with an aim to lose flab and remain fit but lose hope and get back to old ways. Educating people about their food choices, helping them to buy products and consume them through interesting and mouthwatering recipes is BcLapp.
The app is a modern-age solution to those people struggling with their diet plans. Thankfully, the app developers have put in some cool tactics of guiding healthy products, including the available brands. In fact, as per the stats, around 75% of the Americans assumed that they eat healthily. This provides an upper hand to the consumers who can use an app for shopping management and make delicious yet healthy food items.

How Does Digimarc Technology Help?
BcLapp uses a Digimarc Technology with its license from the Digimarc Corporation. With this feature embedded in the app, the users can easily scan and read different types of codes including barcode, QR codes, smart labels, image codes and audio codes.
Barcodes and smart labels carry a lot of information that can be found on the product labels. They say a lot about the nutritional value, ingredients and various other details of the contents. As per the report in 2018, around 67% of Americans are eager to make healthy food purchases. 

How To Use This Innovative Scanning Technology?
This scanning option is just another way of searching for healthy foods in BcLapp. Users can search by typing the product or recipes they need. Likewise, users can even use this over digital images and audio or thermal labels’ barcodes. On installing the app, users will be able to view the dashboard and right next to the search bar is the barcode scan option. This is where the intuitive Digimarc technology comes to use. On holding an existing box of pasta or noodles, a distance of 4 to 7 inches under the phone, users will instantly get all the information they need. Simply click on the product in the app to get a new pack and click on them to add to cart. In case users want to go for simple product searches, users can search by typing and shopping directly as per its nutrient content.
For a person to go ahead in his or her mission of better healthy lifestyle, they need to know what to eat and what to skip.

Get the Best Storage Methods and Duration Tips from BcLapp - Your Health App

Did you just pick a fruit that has been in your refrigerator for more than a week? If you are not sure to consume it, simply check at BcLapp. The app is a great solution for those willing to adapt to a healthier and environmentally friendly way of life.
Many confuse the fact that skipping a meal will make them lose weight. Whether they lose weight or not, but they are certainly going to be sick. So, the app makes you set practical and reachable health and fitness goals. You can list the items to eat and shop from this app to make a healthy dish. With so many features of BcLapp, this Food Safety and Storage tips feature is an additional benefit. 

How to Use Footprints in BcLapp?
Download the app on your mobile phone and open the dashboard. You will come across four icons in the middle. Click on the “Footprints” option. This will open up the Food Safety Tips page where you can see a list of food categories like dairy foods, seafood, poultry, and meat fresh or processed and more. Once you click on an option, it will drop down a list of foods falling in that particular category. For instance, if the category is grain, click on it and reveal the items under it. The item could also be searched using the search bar which will narrow down the category list.
Click on anyone from this and see the duration for storing an item safely. For the processed food, seafood, or meat, you can also see the time to store in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer.
As per the report, around 43% of consumers have changed their food habits because of their food safety concerns.  

Fresh and Healthy Food Creating Difference in Your Life
Such food items are good to stay fit and strong. Users will not end up sick or worse get E-coli or salmonella. Thanks to the app, now healthy diet and lifestyle is just a click away and not be one of the one-third Americans going for junk food. Note that the storage tips are based on the estimates prepared by food safety and inspection services under the USDA. Inspite of the proposed timelines, it is always better to check the smell and taste of a stored food product before consuming.

Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy with BcLapp’s Product Tracker and Recall Feature

Now that you have embarked on a mission to eat nutritiously and lead a healthy life, let there be no stopping. It is true that staying on diet involves fresh fruits and vegetables. A few people or to say, as many as 45 million Americans go on a diet every year. But most of the time, people end up eating other foods that may be far from fresh. In fact, many companies often recall their products from the stores if they find it not healthy or lacking a nutrient. 

As per FDA, the government publishes a report with the list. Still, not everyone is aware of these changes and they may continue using it. How would you like it if you come across regular alerts and notifications on your phone about the same? BcLapp does just that with a special feature. 

How the Recall Tracker Works?
BcLapp has come with a stunning feature to ensure you consume healthy food. Based on the items a user want to track by adding them to the ‘receipt’ section in ‘Wallet’, the app’s recall tracker works. The feature alerts the user after a product is recalled and the information is published by CPSC and/or FDA. BcLapp will send users newsfeed and alert regarding the same. This is indeed blissful for everyone, from watchful new parents to the people who are quite busy to note that.
Notifications could be found under the menu option on the dashboard. Check out the alerts on a ticker at the bottom of the app page too. In case you wish to know more about the time your food can remain fresh and edible, click on the Footprints option. 

Importance of Such Alerts
BcLapp is very advanced in this manner and is keen that users eat safe products and live healthy. Consumption of old food can never bring you any closer to your fitness goal. Many people have this habit of storing food in the fridge for long. They feel that the food is safe there. However, whether it is a dairy product, seafood or fresh vegetables or even pulses, there is shelf life. One in six Americans gets sick from stale or rotten food even from salads. So, make sure to check this recall option as well as the food storage related information in the app that will result in the body getting the right amount of energy and wellness.