Monday, February 4, 2019

Modern Food Packaging Informing the Food Products’ Freshness

If you have noticed, the packaging design of most of the food and health products is changing with every passing day. You get to see the packaging of products even when you shop for them from the online apps like BcLapp. A few healthy food products have all the information on e-labels and even the ingredients in them. Besides, these packaging also involves the use of freshness indicators.
It is undeniable that the consumers are warier now, and they care about what they eat. They are also cautious to check the nutrient needed in the diet. Moreover, the manufacturers of these wheat products, granola, quinoa, brown rice, processed and frozen foods have risen to the situation and taken care of the packaging. This is why BcLapp gives the buyers an option to check and then go ahead with the buying. 

BcLapp and Packaging Indicating the Level of Freshness
Modern and intelligent packaging is trending, and it contains information pertaining to safety and longevity of foods. The packaging displays the freshness of the product in various stages. It also displays how you can recycle the package, and how it is biodegradable and non-toxic.
BcLapp has a QR Code scanner allowing you to scan the food product and display its information. You will get to learn about the methods of freezing and storing it away. The app will also give you alerts of the product’s expiry date. Thanks to shopping from the app, you need not worry about how to store the food.

Why is Intelligent Packaging a Big Deal?
When you buy frozen foods like bacon or sausages, there is a mention of the date of their packaging. Each frozen food has its shelf life, and people should not ignore this while buying. The packaging will also elaborate the thing you should do after you open the seal. In some cases, you get a warning of not storing it back in the freezer after it gets thawed. Still, people ignore it and continue storing and consuming it. It can cause health conditions and today, scores of wary consumers are taking no chances. They can, therefore, rely on these alerts from BcLapp and consumes or dispose of the product. The intelligent packaging is a great technology that many brands are slowly adapting for giving perfectly safe foods.

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