Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Smile and Print - Make the Most of the Mirror Selfies Now Using BcLapp!

Do you use your smartphone for shopping online? So, like every other person, you might also love to take snaps of yourself as you do your regular work. Selfies are the fad that has taken the world by storm. You may see people taking snaps doing their regular chores. There is actually a term called the post-workout selfie that exists now or mirror selfie. Usually, a fitness-loving person would love in a bid to show his or her abs or biceps while working out.
You might wish to take a print copy of one of your snaps. However, at the same time, you may not have time to give it to prints. This is where the helpful app of BcLapp comes to play and help you. BcLapp is more than just a healthy food-shopping app. It helps you perform a lot more and make your life more enjoyable. 

Get Excellent Photo Prints From BcLapp
This is a modern app allowing you to shop for healthy food products and ingredients. Now that you start eating the food made from these calorie-conscious ingredients that you buy, you might wish to document it. So, besides checking your weight and waist measurement, you would also want to go for taking a mirror selfie right now before you begin your diet and workout schedule.
Do you want to print it right away? Just go to “Studio” option of this app and choose the snaps from the phone’s gallery or from the drive. BcLapp has advanced artificial intelligence to help you decide the best picture to print. If you have smiling faces in each of the snaps, then the app’s Facetracker feature will easily pick those. Alternatively, you can manually select the best from the lot and send it to Walgreens* near you. You can also send it to the cloud printer for printing the same. Thus, get the photo prints directly from the app thereby saving you a lot of time. 

Fun Time Photographing
Yes, it is fun to take snaps and then get them on print. BcLapp aims to bridge the gap between fitness plans and goals with this feature. Since as per a report, only 23% of Americans are getting exercise, this is a welcome feature to encourage everyone. The best way we can actually make our diet work is by seeing the change in ourselves. 

*US only

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