Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What if item list can be created in the app everytime someone remembers an item to buy by talking to smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Manage the Things-To-Buy List like a Pro using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with BcLapp.
There is no limit to how much we can use our smartphones throughout our life. Around 39 million Americans are using smart speakers as per the report. With technology to help us, through Voice commands like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, we are managing just fine. We are already aware that Alexa and Google Assistant work in pairing with any device and can help in coordinating much of your schedules.
BcLapp, a unique app works on smartphones and allows the shoppers to create lists, assign lists to labels and search for food storage tips just by voice commands. With these Voice assistants and BcLapp, you can do a lot more than just search. Let us see how these two can help us be healthy and achieve our fitness goals. 

Steps to Use Voice Search in BcLapp
·    Open the app and click on the search bar where users can either type or simply click on the microphone to dictate the item to the Google assistant. It can provide an immediate list of the product or ingredients.
·        Likewise, later when users want to add one more item to your existing list, they can do the same by clicking on ‘List’ option. Here, you can just click on ‘Search or Add Item’ and click on the microphone.
·        Users can even dictate the same to Alexa or Google Assistant from anywhere and it will directly add the same to their list and can even assign them to certain labels. This creativity only makes BcLapp more helpful to those who are sincerely trying to stay fit and eat healthily. With this pairing of the assistants, users can ensure not to miss any ingredient or food product.  

Amazing Voice Command Feature of BcLapp
You will fall in love with this feature because it eases shopping by a great margin. The app developers have taken shopping to a whole new dimension. They are moving ahead with the pace that the world is on and that is why modern shoppers are already using it by great numbers.
Furthermore, those people who tend to forget and are generally impulsive shopping via Alexa or Google Assistants can rely on this feature. They simply can add this to the existing list by telling Alexa to add it to BcLapp and just relax.
It is ideal for the people who are among those 40% doing voice searches and cannot imagine a day without Alexa or Google Assistant. For them, the reminders are everything and this is where BcLapp’s feature is useful.

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