Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How Voice Search In BcLapp Helps To Search Healthy Products Or Recipes?

People are inclined towards using health-related mobile apps to find nutritional products and recipes. Even a survey states that more than 58.23% of users have downloaded health-based apps with nutrition and fitness is the most common categories. It is necessary to find the mobile app that is easier and supports the modern search systems like voice search.
BcLapp is one such emerging app that is already getting popular among the users. It not only supports the voice search for products but can even search for favorite healthy recipes. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Use Voice Search to Start Easier Searching
The expert study states that Voice Search is expected to fetch over 50% of the global market. This means millions of people are already using this seamless technology. Now, let us see how it works in BcLapp for the users:
·        Search Products using Voice Search: While using BcLapp in a mobile device, users will see a voice search option in the interface. Click on the voice search option and speak to find the product you require. Like, if users want to find about the fruit “mango,” just speak and get results relative to packed healthy mango slices or juices.
·        Search Recipes with Voice Search: Click on the voice search option to find out any healthy recipe. Like, if a user want to find the recipe for “How to prepare healthy salads or soups.” Choose recipes in the search. Users can even advance the search if they want specific kind of soup or salad as a vegetable salad, fruit salad, broccoli soup, etc.
·        Use Advanced Search of Products: Users can even make advanced search for the healthy products. Like, if they want a product “orange juice,” it will appear in the voice search bar. After that, the list of healthy orange juices appears, which can be refined further using an advanced filter of allergies or nutrient value preferred in the “orange juice.”
·        Advanced Search for Recipes: Click on Voice Search, speak the recipe required. Like, if you want to prepare “vegetable soup,” the list of healthy soup recipes will appear. The users can use an advanced filter of the ingredients, nutrient value, cuisine like Thai, British, etc., diet filter as a vegan, paleo, etc., or the type filter like soup in this case.

To conclude, BcLapp is helping the users to prepare nutritious recipes or choose products for including it in their healthy lifestyle.

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